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Why Choose me as your flooring contractor?

You need look no further for expertly installed floor covering, I can manage big projects & small; installed to exacting industry/flooring manufacturer standards and make sure your various floors transition smoothly from surface to surface. No need to call three different floor installation contractors, I’m one guy that can get the job done.

You should be searching for an experienced professional with a broad range of construction skills. I have been installing floors since 1980 with more than twenty-five years in the Valley. I’m well-trained, I have numerous industry certifications and endorsements. I have a background in carpentry/construction and possess an attention to detail bar none.

You might already have a source for your flooring material. Great, I am primarily a floor installation contractor and can install flooring that you have purchased or intend to purchase no matter the dealer — online, big box, warehouse, specialty retailer, or even previously owned. Brand loyalty is not something I concern myself with, but I can offer my opinion on material quality and refer you to where you might shop for and purchase flooring separately from installation.

When your floor fails to meet your expectations the installer will blame the dealer and the manufacturer and vice versa. They’ll even blame you. Round and round it will go and if at some point in the distant future it does stop, you will be the biggest loser. They play the blame game to wear you down. How many cooks do you want tinkering with your broth? I’m hands-on in every aspect of your floor project, in other words - I am the measurer, estimator, salesperson and installer. When you hire me, you get me, I won’t be sending a crew of people you haven’t met. If you’re planning to invest in your home or business by replacing the flooring, the wisest decision you could make would be to trust its installation to this expert.

You’ll find my price extremely competitive with other high quality, licensed Arizona contractors. Using my installation services will assure that your flooring performs and lasts as expected and designed, maintaining applicable product warranties.

  • Trained & Educated
    • I am qualified to install your flooring and have been trained and certified by flooring manufacturers and industry associations in the installation of many different flooring surfaces. See my credentials page for more information.
    • Some of the residential floors I install & repair:
      • Hardwood - Domestic (e.g. oak, maple) & Exotic (e.g.. Brazilian Cherry), solid, engineered, floating, glued direct, nailed or stapled, pre-finished & site finished.
      • Carpet - Tufted, woven, patterns, wool and other natural fiber (sisal, coir, mountain grass), stretched or glued down wall-to-wall, indoor and out, and area rug fabrication.
      • Resilient - Sheet vinyl floors and rubber floors, linoleum, luxury vinyl tile and plank (LVT, LVP) fully adhered, floating and loose lay. Sports and home gym floors, Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT).
      • Laminate Flooring- Floating, All brands, mechanical locking (clic), or glued together.
      • Tile - Ceramic, Porcelain, glass, metal, mosaic, floors, walls, counter-tops and backsplashes.
      • Cork Flooring - tile, planks, glued direct or floating, floors, walls and cork underlayment for sound control.
      • Bamboo - stranded, solid, engineered, floating, glued direct, nailed or stapled, prefinished & site finished
      • Stone - Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone and many others. Floors, walls, fireplaces and patios.
  • Experienced
    • I have over thirty-six years in the flooring installation trade (Since 1980). I don't have one year of experience 36 times over, (doing the same thing over and over). I have performed most aspects of flooring installation at one time or another.
  • References 
    • I have a long list of satisfied clients, references by request and only of clients who have permitted their contact information be shared. See the flooring installation gallery for pictures of my work or my current thumbtack reviews page.
  • Personal Service
    • I will personally measure, quote, specify and advise you of your flooring options...then if hired- I'll actually install your flooring, I won't be sending an installation crew or sales rep. I work solo and expeditiously and am very accurate when estimating the time it will take to complete your project.
  • Courteous & Prompt
    • Your home is your castle, I always ask permission to enter a space, show up and finish on schedule with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. 
  • Cleanliness
    • I keep the job-site clean and organized. Cover and/or protect things that require it. Use air filters, fans and vacuums for dust control, ventilation for your health and mine.
  • Preparedness
    • I own a 2004, E-350, Super Duty, dual axle service vehicle with a steel top rack, and I can use it to pull a heavy duty trailer when necessary as well. This allows me to safely haul your flooring investment as well as my extensive collection of flooring tools and equipment.  This enables me to be prepared for just about anything and equipped to tackle any type of unforeseen circumstance with little to no inconvenience.
  • General Construction Knowledge
    • I know how a building is constructed...why, and how things work.  I've made simple adjustments during an installation, like- stop a running toilet, or hide an exposed TV cable wire, adjusted a rubbing sliding closet door, etc.; just because it made for a happy customer. All-in-all, I'm a handy guy to have around and can fix many things and understand how various building materials can work in harmony. 
  • Sub-floor Preparation
    • I provide dustless concrete grinding, patching and pouring of self-leveling cement to flatten and/or clean sub-floors.  
    • I install wood underlayment panels, plywood sub-floors, cement backer boards and Ditra underlayments.
    • Provide moisture & pH testing, concrete sealing and other remediation work. Some good reading on why floors fail.

  • Independent
    • I am not tied to any flooring manufacturer or dealer. I’m not receiving spiffs to sway you towards one floor product or another. I am willing to install your floor wherever you choose to purchase it and whatever brand it may be. The only thing I care about is that you've chosen a floor that works for your lifestyle and you're happy with the final product until comes a time when you want something new or different.

  • Careful
    • I'm going to treat your possessions like I treat my own. I won't be throwing your furniture around or storing it outside in the front yard under the hot sun. I won't be leaking oil in your driveway, dumping waste water in your toilet, banging up your wood-work or paint job, etc.;  simply because I care.
  • Personal Guarantee
    • The state of Arizona requires a licensed contractor to back up their work for two years. That's all fine and dandy; but I want happy, repeat customers who have confidence in referring their friends and family. I will attend to any workmanship concerns promptly for as long as I’m still installing for a living, at no cost to you. If for some reason the chosen flooring product fails to perform as advertised, I can provide support of your product warranty claim with the manufacturer. 

All these things add up to a professional flooring installation and repair service and
 The Best Flooring Installation Value in the Valley of the Sun.

The best way to contact me is by email: ken@floormaven.com
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