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"Ken at Floormaven saved the day after a disastrous install of my hard wood flooring. The previous installer did a horrible job and left me with a mess and then disappeared. Ken was quick to provide me with a quote and scheduled the work to be done. He was on time, professional and did phenomenal work considering the miracle he needed to perform to salvage the disaster left before him. I would recommend him a thousand times for any flooring job."

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Wood floor repair

We’ve all heard the idiom, “you get what you pay for”…that might be true in many cases but sometimes, as in this case, you simply get ripped off.  Customer hired an unlicensed handyman who exclaimed vast hardwood floor installation experience and expertise, and charged accordingly for those skills. This particular floor did not have a mechanical locking system and couldn’t simply be “clicked" together. To be properly installed floating the correct adhesive is to be installed in the milled groove, creating a permanent bond between floor planks. This installer was ignorant of that fact and all the flooring started to come apart as soon as you could see his tail lights in the wind. Customer paid me more to fix it than she would have paid me to install it, which would have been the same price she paid this reckless handyman. Buyer beware.

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