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I have customized my Google news feed to receive flooring news. Boring I know, but hey, that’s what I do. Most flooring news that gets published are paid puff pieces about the merit of some flooring company somewhere. Sometimes news of a flooring failure makes it way through and I get stirred up enough to comment. …

Multitude of Sins

The slideshow below is of some long concrete steps where I replaced the carpet with a hardwood floor. In my opinion the carpet was a bit unsightly, mostly due to it’s subpar installation, but that’s neither here or there. I’d like to concentrate this post on what that carpet is covering.


Normally I don’t watch much of the Academy Awards ceremony (Oscars) as I rarely go to the movie theater and therefore find it difficult to identify with any of the films and characters up for consideration. This year was a bit different as I actually sat through the entire telecast, don’t ask me why as I fought the urge to bail a number of times, but the thought provoking flub at the end made it worth my effort. …

Seams in Floor Transition Moldings


I really should blog more often. Be that as it may, today’s entry concerns seams in floor transition moldings. More accurately - the transition trim pieces used to finish floating floors to other floor coverings. Some basic options are shown in the pic to the right.

Removing Carpet Glue

From time to time I receive inquiries regarding my youtube video where I utilized a floor buffer equipped with a scraping disc designed to remove adhesive from a concrete sub-floor.

Carpet Cushion Problems

Barrier Carpet Cushions

I recently read a post on a flooring message board, the following is that message in its entirety (misspellings and grammatical errors included) - I did take the liberty of separating the paragraphs to make the post a little easier for my readers to follow. …

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